DKK 506.25

Trip to Skagen

02.05.2015 kl. 08:30 Studenterhus Aarhus, Aarhus C
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DKK 506.25

Experience Beautyful Skagen. The most northern town in Denmark, see special lights where two oceans meet.

We meet at 8.30am at the Student House - on the parking lot behind the student house - be there! We will not be waiting for people to show up!

We go by bus to Skagen

We will also go to Grenen and see the two oceans meet.

There will ofc. also be time to go around Skagen on your own.

The bus will be back in Aarhus about 9pm. (this may change)

The times schedule can change so remember to check you email the day before so you are sure.