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Welcome to Aarhus to all students

03.09.2015 kl. 16:00 Studenterhus Aarhus, Aarhus C
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Welcome to Aarhus to all students. Event for students already here and for all the new ones - Danes and Internationals.

Welcome to Aarhus to All Students


16.00: Doors open, and we have lit up the grill, the amusement rides opens.

17.00: DJ warm up on stage

18.45: Welcome speach with the Mayor of Aarhus

18.50: Julias Moon - concert

20.45: Dúné - concert

23.00: The Park closes


You can buy 3 different tickets

(You choose the ticket on the next page)

1. Access + membership to Studenterhus Aarhus + multiride ticket + beer/soft drink

This ticket gives you access, you will get a multiride ticket for all the amusement rides in Tivoli, you get a beer/soft drink and you are getting a membership to Studenterhus Aarhus. The membership gives you discount in the Student house bars and for events for a year (not the bars in Tivoli).

2. Access to the event:

This ticket gives you access to the event. It is only for access and can not be used for the rides.

3. Access + beer + multiride ticket

This ticket gives you access + multiride ticket for the amusement rides and a beer/soft drink.

You choose the ticket on next page!