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Mythic Sunship x Bleach Blondes

29.11.2018 kl. 20:00 Studenterhus Aarhus, Aarhus C
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29.11.2018 kl. 20:00

DKK 80,00

Spend an evening in trance with Copenhagen-based Mythic Sunship and Bleach Blondes, when they visit Stakladen on November 29 with captivating rhythms and devastating fuzz-riffs.


Mythic Sunship is a Copenhagen-based band playing improvised, long-form rock while drawing from a wealth of influences. With inspiration from free jazz, japrock, kraut, space rock, stoner, and much more, Mythic Sunship is a juggernaut of fuzzed out rock'n'roll. Equally adept at noisy, feedback-heavy jams as well as spacy, repetitive voyages, Mythic Sunship's self-styled "anaconda rock" has seen them described as one of the most interesting bands on the European psych scene, and with their new record Another Shape of Psychedelic Music (the second this year), Mythic Sunship has made a statement to back up that claim. With the addition of saxophone to their already unique blend of genres, Mythic


Copenhagen based Bleach Blondes carries the torch for the uncompromising alternative rock with captivating rhythms, characteristic riffs and an authentic nerve. With inspiration from bands like RIDE, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and My Bloody Valentine, the band mixes the late 1980’s post-punk with the 90’s noise-rock and shoegaze. Their 2016 debut 'You Could Take The Whole World To Bed With You' received great reviews and got airplay in Denmark, England and Germany. Their liveshows, including support gigs for Sunflower Bean (US), The Telescopes (UK) and DEAD VIBRATIONS (SE) are characterized by having a force in decibel that is measured on the richter scale.

On the follow-up ‘Health’ from 2017, which is produced with Sean Magee in Abbey Road Studios, the band show a more intense and experimenting side. The first single ‘Midnight Fever’ went directly on P6’s playlists.

Bleach Blondes have just released the music video to the song ‘Love Blooms’: 

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